Project Funding

Looking for funding for a complex non-traditional project? To make a large expansion investment that requires major project financing? Do you need $20MM-$5B in funding or investment capital?

Our large project funding is a long-term type of financing, ample type of financing of infrastructure and industrial projects consisting of various forms of loans during the phases of the project development. The funding is giving over a period of time, which is called the draw/tranche schedule. In this type of financing,  we look primarily to the impact economically, environmentally and the revenues that will be generated by the specific project for both security and repayment of the loan.

Regardless of your area of expertise, we provide funding for tougher transactions that fail to qualify for traditional bank financing.

Funding is available for:

Asset Based-Loans

Large Construction Projects

Corporate Expansion Loans

Real Estate Projects

Large Alternative Energy Projects

Large Real Estate Development Projects

For Large Developments in:

Agro-industry, Water production, Ports and Airports

Fossil fuels, Energy projects ( such as wind, solar, hydro), Mining

Telecommunications, Roads, Hotels, Sky Scrapers, Office Complex, Large Real Estate Projects and much more

* Depending on your specific business needs, we have the solution that works for you with rates and terms that make sense for your business.